About Us

Welcome to Housekeeper Community Indonesia

Established in 2017, “Komunitas Housekeeper Bali” (Nomor AHU-0003209.AH01.07 tahun 2018) is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to enhancing the hospitality industry.

Our organization was developed by Mr. Nyoman Bagiartha, a young, creative, and innovative leader with extensive experience in various five-star hotels. Under his guidance, we strive to promote friendly relations among members, encourage continuing education, assist in career growth, provide industry-related scholarships, and support critical social issues.

We are proudly supported by major hotel groups, industry suppliers, independently owned hotels, lodges, clubs, and other small businesses. Our community of housekeepers and vendors regularly meets to network and share ideas, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

Join us in building a stronger, more connected community of hospitality professionals.

Our Mission & Vision

At Housekeeper Community Indonesia, our mission is to empower housekeepers across Indonesia by providing a platform that connects them with valuable resources, training, job opportunities, and a supportive community. We strive to elevate the standards of the housekeeping profession, promote fair treatment and professional growth, and ensure that every housekeeper feels respected and valued in their role.

Our vision is to be the leading community for housekeepers in Indonesia, recognized for our commitment to enhancing the professional and personal lives of housekeepers. We aim to create a future where housekeepers are well-trained, well-respected, and well-rewarded for their essential contributions to households and businesses. By fostering a sense of community, continuous learning, and advocacy for workers’ rights, we aspire to make a lasting positive impact on the housekeeping industry in Indonesia.

These statements reflect our dedication to supporting and advancing the housekeeping profession, ensuring a better and more equitable environment for all housekeepers in Indonesia.

Meet the team

Meet the Team Behind Housekeeper Community Indonesia

We are proud to introduce the dedicated individuals who drive the vision and mission of Housekeeper Community Indonesia. Our team is passionate about empowering housekeepers and enhancing the standards of the housekeeping profession across the country..

Nyoman Bagiartha

Founder & CEO

Bagiartha founded Housekeeper Community Indonesia with a vision to create a supportive network for housekeepers. With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Bagiartha brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep commitment to improving the lives of housekeepers. His leadership and passion are the driving forces behind our community.

I Kadek Agus Kusuma

Operations Manager

Agus Kusuma ensures the smooth operation of our community. With a background in hotelier and years of experience in managing community-based organizations, he oversees our daily activities and ensures that our mission is effectively carried out.

I Wayan Suteja

Training & Development Coordinator

Suteja is responsible for developing and managing our training programs. He has a strong background in adult education and a passion for helping others grow professionally. Suteja designs our courses and certification programs to ensure they meet the highest standards.

RR Vina Maya Tri Wahyuni

Financial Officer

Vina is responsible for overseeing all financial operations, developing strategies to maintain financial health, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. Vina’s strategic vision and expertise are crucial to our organization’s growth.

A.A Widarma Yudha

Legal Advisor

Widarma provides legal guidance to our community. He has extensive experience in labor law and is passionate about advocating for workers’ rights. Widarma ensures that our members are informed about their legal rights and responsibilities.

Putu Swi Eka Retawan

IT & Web Development

Eka is our tech wizard. He manages our website, ensuring it is user-friendly, secure, and up-to-date. With a background in web development, Eka keeps our online presence strong and reliable.